4 Misconceptions about Selling Globally

4 Misconceptions about Selling Globally

The internet is a fantastic place for e-commerce and social interaction. People visit different sites. They use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, search engines, as well as marketplaces. It is for this reason why you need to create a robust online presence. And because your primary goal of starting the e-commerce business is to increase sales, you need to ensure that you reach both local and international customers. You can achieve this by marketing your products to places where the customers are. However, some misconceptions will make you fail to reach global customers and run a business of less growth. Here they are:

The cheap international e-commerce platforms will make you run a business of less growth

Being cheap doesn’t mean that you will not reach the global customers. At times, you don’t have to consider price when choosing an international e-commerce platform. Features should be your priority. You need to have the features that will make you globally. Therefore the SEO and social media integration are essential. It will allow you to convey a message to millions of customers.

Shopify has cheaper pricing as compared to other platforms. Also, it has excellent features that will increase traffic as well as sales.

You need to go for training to successfully sell internationally

Although you will encounter challenges while selling to global customers, you don’t have to go for training to run the business successful. All you need is to perform business research and know more about the business. With this, you will know the best international e-commerce platform to use. Some have an easy to use interface to allow you to create a professional online store without having the skills.

Marketing is not essential as long as you are getting the international sales

This myth is common to many retailers. It makes them run a business that does not grow. If you want to gain more customers and increase sales, marketing is a must-have. It will allow you to bring your business closer to your customers. Although most of the international e-commerce platforms have great marketing tools, you need to enhance their functionality. You can achieve this by being active on social media and uploading high-quality images of your products. Also, you can send coupon codes to attract more customers.

Amazon and eBay are the only best places to sell internationally

Although Amazon and eBay have massive traffic and will help you sell globally, they do not operate in some countries. Thus, you need to list your products in different places to reach all customers. For instance, although eBay operates in France, there are leading places like the Cdiscount and La Redoute. Thus, you need to choose a platform that integrates with a massive number of marketplaces.